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Healthcare IT Consulting

In the 21st century, having the best technology is a must. But you went into healthcare to serve patients, not keep up with the latest in computers. With shrinking profit margins and increasing governmental oversight how is a small medical practice to keep up?  This is where Coastal Data Systems can help. By being your vendor neutral resource, you can rest assured that we will advise what is best for your business, not what we sell.

Implementation Consulting

Coastal Data Systems has been building and maintaining healthcare data systems since 1984. We understand the concerns of small medical practices trying to meet Meaningful Use requirements. Many hospitals are trying to get physicians to use their systems, although they may not meet the physician’s office needs. There are some nice looking systems online, but you have concerns about your patient’s medical data being “in the cloud”. You may like the idea of having your patient’s data in-house, where you are in control – but just what would that cost? Each of these systems are a good fit for some practices, and Coastal Data Systems can help you wade through all the vendor hyperbole to find the correct system for you.

Post Implementation

Once you have made the decision of what EMR system to implement (or if you already have), Coastal Data Systems will be there for the long term. We can assist with any IT problems that may crop up, HIPAA privacy and security manuals, disaster recovery plans, etc. Coastal Data Systems can be a go-between with your vendor, making sure your system is configured properly per their requirements.

(Note that outside of Florida services will be provided by Interactive Data Inc.)