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Coastal Data Systems provides Information Technology services and support for small physician offices. Whether you are just starting out on your EMR journey, in the middle of an implementation, looking to step up to Stage 2, or just need ongoing support for your existing implementation CDS can help.

Assess Office Needs

Coastal Data Systems can help you asses the real needs and wants of your office and design a system tailored specifically for your office.

Create IT master plan

CDS can create an IT master plan for your office so you will see the real cost over time of your Information Technology system.

Creation of Disaster Recovery (DR) plan

What will you do if your office building is damaged in a man made or natural disaster? Coastal Data Systems can help you plan for such an occurrence so you can continue patient care with a minimum of interruption.

Creation of backup plan

Coastal Data Systems can work with you to develop a backup plan for you office to minimize any disruption of service due to user error or system hardware malfunction.

Online backup services

Coastal Data Systems is a reseller of online backup systems and we would be happy to speak with you about the advantages and disadvantages of backing up online as opposed to tapes in your office.

Create/Update HIPAA security policy

All physician offices know that they must have a HIPAA Privacy plan in place, but not all offices understand that they also need to maintain a HIPAA Security plan. CDS can help create a plan or update your existing plan to make sure it meets all requirements.

Assist in vendor evaluation/selection

When you have decided what type of EMR to implement, how do you make sure you purchase what you need? Coastal Data Systems can be there to translate all the vendor proposal language into what it means for your office. We can also put together your requirements and create an RFP to send to vendors.

Procure required computer/network hardware

Even if you choose an online provider, you will still need a network in your office with an Internet connection. And a backup plan in case your connection fails! CDS can assist with purchasing and installing your necessary office computer equipment - for online as well as in-house systems.

Configuration of systems per vendor requirements

Coastal Data Systems has a long history of IT operations, and we are able to configure your network to meet your vendor's requirements.

Configuration of required interfaces

Just as no man is an island, you will probably want your system to communicate with other systems. Meaningful Use will require it! Coastal Data Systems understands HL7 and has experience working with vendors to define interoperability using the available standards.

Network maintenance training

CDS can train your office staff to perform most if not all maintenance on your network.

Ongoing network management

Coastal Data Systems has operated healthcare networks since it's founding in 1984. We can provide this same service to your office. We have the facilities to remotely monitor and manage your system as well as make site visits on a regular basis or as needed.