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Major Projects

Veterans Administration External Peer Review System

CDS developed for the West Virginia Medical Institute an interactive data system for the Veterans Administration External Peer Review Program in 1992. This contract required the development of a data process system within 30 days which was capable of handling computerized data abstracting in more than 150 sites, data analysis, and report generation for 50,000 discharges per year.


The West Virginia Medical Institute contracted with CDS in July 1984 for the provision of an interactive data system for the West Virginia Medicaid Agency contract. A system was provided which allowed for computerized preadmission review and retrospective review. In July 1986, data services responsibility for the Medicaid contract in Delaware were contracted to CDS. In 1995, CDS upgraded WVMIs Preadmission review system to allow for the installation of a system of incoming rollover calls and direct computer access designed to minimize lost or unanswered phone calls and to keep WVMI above a 95 percent proficiency level for initial incoming calls.

Peer Review Organization (PRO/QIO)

The West Virginia Medical Institute contracted with cds for the provision of both hardware and software for the West Virginia Peer Review Organization (PRO) contract in July 1984. Prior to that time, data processing contracts for the medical peer review community were based on batch systems. The advent of the DRG reimbursement system in 1984 required a much more sophisticated interactive data processing capability. This was supplied to WVMI by CDS. A total system and training for users was provided to WVMI. The results were shown by WVMI's ability to outperform other medical peer review bodies in service to their customers. In 1986, WVMI contracted with CDS for these services for the Delaware PRO contract.